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Smolenice Castle
Zámocká 18
919 04, Smolenice

GPS coordinates:

48° 30' 48.08'' N
17° 25' 55.82'' E

International Transport

Vienna airport is probably the best choice to reach the meeting site.

Buses between Vienna airport and Bratislava airport

If you need to go by bus to Brastislava airport from Vienna airport please read this document:

Reaching Hotel SUZA in Bratislava

Please read this page to get relavant information to reach SUZA hotel.

Buses between Bratislava and Smolenice

They are provided by the convineers for free.

  • Bus from Bratislava to Smolenice will start from SUZA hotel in Bratislava around 9AM on april 15. Then the bus will stop at the airport around 10AM. Then the bus will go directly to Smolenice castle.
  • Bus from Smolenice to Bratislava will leave after lunch on april 18.
  • If our bus schedule is not convenient to you, please take a public bus (to your expense). Below is the time table:
Sunday 14.4.2012platformdeparture Bratislavaarrival Smolenicetravel time
from Bratislava4108:4510:0001:15
Mlynské Nivy4515:3017:0001:30
bus station4616:2017:3201:12
Monday 15.4.2012platformdeparture Bratislavaarrival Smolenicetravel time
from Bratislava4109:1510:3001:15
Mlynské Nivy4110:1011:2101:11
bus station4112:0513:4101:36

Travel from Vienna to Smolenice

Download guide here

Travel from Bratislava to Smolenice

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Smolenice Castle

The Smolenice castle, surrounded by a beautiful park, is towering above the village of Smolenice in the eastern foothills of Small Carpathians about 60 km from Bratislava. The original castle was rebuilt in the beginning of the previous century in romantic style. Now, after a large renovation it offers full comfort in several well equipped conference rooms including videoconferencing or wireless network connection. Accommodation is in suites, single, double or more-bed rooms, all with their own bathrooms. Participants can rest in the quiet corners of the castle or in its garden or can walk through nice parks surrounding the castle. For detailed information about the conference venue visit the Conference center web page.