Poster Ppt 2015

Posters, presentations, and videos online

Here is a list of all presentations (in pdf format) for wich the organizing committee obtained the agreement of the author to publish their content online. If you use informations contained in the presentations, please make sure to cite the author(s) and indicate the meeting informations. If you want to use any graphics, make sure to obtain the rights by contacting the corresponding author.

  1. R. Boucher & Guillaume Poulin (Canada)
  2. C. S. J. Pun (Hong Kong)
  3. S. Noll (Austria)
  4. D. Duriscoe
  5. A. Domény
  6. H. Netzel
  7. M. Aubé (Canada)
  8. K. Baibakov
  9. Z. Kollath
  10. A. Sanchez de Miguel
  11. H. Solano Lamphar
  12. J. Roby
  13. A. Morin-Paulhus
  14. R. Dick
  15. A. Haenel
  16. K.L. Pendoley
  17. C. Kyba (Germany)
  18. B. Wren
  19. S. Ribas
  20. V Tilve
  21. K. P. Tong
  22. S. Bara (V. Tilve)
  23. S. Bara (V Tilve)
  24. W. Blanchette
  25. S. Houle
  26. C. E. Walker
  27. M. St-John
  28. K. Baugh (USA)
  29. C. Walker
  30. D. Duriscoe
  31. S. Ribas
  32. M. Pravettoni
  33. P. D. Hiscocks
  34. C. W. So (J. Pun)
    • Case studies of remote sensing and field experiments on the contribution of artificial light sources to the night sky observed in Hong Kong
  35. H. Spoelstra
  36. A. Mohar